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Make TestSMART® your choice for the CCSS.


As educators, we take developing new content seriously. As publishers, we have delivered quality and rigor in standards-based instructional, learning, and assessment materials for more than two decades. Based on thorough research and development, we present a Common Core series that meets the cognitive demands of the new standards and the needs of your students in the classroom.


Credibility & Quality

Our product development process is based on the highest integrity standards. The research-based TestSMART® Common Core series was developed specifically to address the CCSS while incorporating the latest and most influential educational models. The all-new content, custom-developed for the Student Work Text, is 100% aligned to the CCSS for the particular grade and subject.

Rigor & Cognitive Complexity

The TestSMART® Common Core Student Work Text provides items written at varying levels of complexity to accommodate the cognitive demands of the expectations in the CCSS for Reading and Mathematics (NGA/CCSSO, 2010). Each activity is clearly labeled for easy identification of the CCSS standard and its complexity level (L, M, H).

Common Core Work Texts go beyond multiple-choice questions, focusing on open-ended and extended-response items that require student-created responses for both reading and mathematics.

Effective for the Classroom

Includes all brand-new material and strategies for seamless instruction, learning, and assessment:

  • Range of topics to interest students
  • Clear identification of expected skills
  • Repeated practice in variety of contexts
  • Master skills list
  • Suggested instructional strategies
  • Complete answer keys
  • Bibliography of research references
  • Clear, consistent layout
  • Methods to promote rich, structured conversations
  • Suggestions for integrating the literacy strands—reading, writing, speaking, listening, and language*
  • Specific techniques to encourage students to develop close reading, communication, reasoning, comprehension, and vocabulary skills and strategies*
  • Teacher “how-to” for using the Student Work Text, including time requirement, reading selection, prereading, during reading, and post-reading*
  • Emphasis on key mathematical processes from the CCSS**

* Close Reading only
** Mathematics only



Close Reading

Grades 3 - 8 • 144 - 160 Pages

Each book for Close Reading includes both literary and informational texts with learnings tasks that address the CCSS for Reading.

With learning activities and tasks appropriate for the given grade level, each work text in this series includes the following elements –

  • literary and informational texts that reflect the types of texts students encounter in the classroom or everyday reading
  • authentic reading texts on interesting topics and ideas, including excerpts from well-known literary selections
  • paired texts that require students to compare and contrast important points and key details in the texts
  • open-ended and extended-response tasks that require students to use close reading to develop correct, complete answers
  • emphasis on the critical-thinking skills necessary for close reading
  • skill tags (labels) to identify both the standard(s) and the complexity level(s) for questions or an activity
  • diagrams and/or graphic organizers to help students organize their thoughts and responses (when approriate)
  • focus on student-created responses
  • complete and thorough answer key




Grades 3 - 8 • 144 - 192 pages

The content for each grade level is divided into three books per grade (Book I, II, & III).

With learning activities and tasks approriate for the given grade level, each work text in this series includes the following elements –

  • introductory pages that present each new topic or skill for students
  • numerous examples that provide clear, concise explanations for new topics or skills
  • varied approaches for solving different types of problems or completing various learning tasks
  • greater emphasis on "critical" areas of understanding, as identified in the Common Core State Standards
  • multiple opportunities for peer interaction
  • question and prompts that encourage discussion of learning tasks and different problem-solving methods
  • open-ended and extended-response tasks that require students to do more than "find the right answer"
  • repeated opportunities for students to apply the "mathemtical practices" (e.g., reasoning abstractly and quantitatively) identified in Common Core State Standards for Mathematics
  • several pages dedicated to independent problem solving throughout the work text
  • clear emphasis on the use of precise mathematical vocabulary
  • interesting, conversational tone throughout each work text
  • complete and thorough answer key


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Download Detailed Sample Booklets


Samples Booklets


Grade 3 Samples:

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Grade 8 Samples:


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TestSMART® Common Core Solutions Frequently Asked Questions and Research References


TestSMART® Common Core Solutions Research References:



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Our Hassle-Free Unconditional Guarantee


If for any reason a product does not meet your needs or expectations, we will be most happy to assist you with a quick, hassle-free exchange, credit, or refund. Simply contact our Customer Care Product Specialists for instructions and a return authorization number. All returns must be in resalable condition and returned within 30 days of receipt. Shipping/handling/insurance charges cannot be refunded. When you receive your order, please check it carefully to be sure it meets your satisfaction before applying school stamps, bar code labels, etc. Stamped or processed books cannot be returned.

If materials are sent back by UPS/FedEx, please use our street address: 2709 Bulverde Rd., Bulverde, TX 78163.

If your materials are returned by U.S. Postal Service, please use P.O. Box 440, Bulverde, TX 78163-0440.


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